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Notice:If you want to learn more about any religion ask questions here.
Always do research about religions before you get involved with them.
We all have the right to choose what we believe and how we worship our religions.
One should be at least 16 or older than 18 before deticating ones self to a specific religion.
One should never be forced into any religion. Learn about all religions before choosing your path.
Get the correct information about religions first from reliable sorces.
If you can't be open about the religion you believe in then is it the right one for you?
Not everyone understands or knows all about other religions explain yours to them and state
why you decided to fallow that religion.
I believe all religions are the same just ajusted for different groups or types of people,
just as all people are considered equal we can find simular aspects in all religions.
All want a god that can be trusted so find the religion that you can trust in.
Make the choice of what religion suites you not someone else.
"Also, remeber to respect others decision's about there own religion."
Note: Please be nice to those who try there best to answer your questions.
No derogatory e-mails will be responded to or answered.
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Mikel Gabriel

He believes that wicca and christian religions our sister beliefs.
He believes that god is one entity that can manafest in many forms.
He believes that god is together both male and female, or
Christ and Marry, Apollo and Artimis, The God and Goddess, and more etc....
He believes that all religions are connected just made for different
people's views and beleifs. One just has to look and they will see
the connection between them all.

<=Note:Is into both Chirstian and Wicca views. But, he has his own view on the
Religions. He is also the creator of
"The Covenant of Light".


Morgan Gravestone

She loves wicca and has been studing it in more deepth for more
years than me. She is the one I turn too to ask my questions.
She knows about magick, tarot, and potions. She is the one that
helps me come up with the potions and I am the one that comes up
with the spells to go with the potions.

<=Note:She knows the most about Wicca.



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