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We are the seeds of god and heaven,
If we sin or have anger in our hearts
we fall on a rock which blocks the path god has
for us, but when we pray and ask for forgiveness
we our then forgiven and our sin is forgotten
and god sends the wind to blow us off of that rock
so we can plant ourselves so we can grow
and bare good fruit.

New details of the Covenant Of Light:

The covenant with Abraham was made by the father, who then sent his only son that gave us the word of god, who then brought to us the holy spirit to teach us through what we have seen and or heard. God is light and in him there is no darkness. Together they make up the holy trinity to lead the body of christ. With God there is no difference between jew or jential we our all equal in Gods eyes. We are all part of the body of christ...We are all connnected and by all names we are the same. God wants us to work as one so lets worship as one. No matter what you believe we except all those in search of the light within the darkness. We were all born into sin and darkness, but christ frees us from sin and gives us the light to find our way in the darkness. God gives us open doors so lets walk through them together. He says seek and yee shale find, knock and the door will be open, ask and yee shale receive. So let us work as one body in christ in god and in love. Cause these are the greatest comandments: to love thy lord with all your might and to love thy neightbor. So lets be as one in Christ and let God give us one ferm spot to stand, so we can change the world.

The Lost Gospels of The Bible
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videos that say 1/9,2/9...etc.


"We welcome all in search of
the Light within the Darkness!"

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